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The Farmer’s Farm

Efugo Farms is an integrated farm, headquartered in Kuje, Abuja. Our produce is focused mainly on farmers and industry. We understand how important consistency, dependability and quality are to farmers and we strive to deliver on all.

Day Old Chicks

We operate our own breeder farm and hatchery so we produce high quality day old chicks. Our breeders are Arbor Acre. With a good feeding regime, they guarantee achieved weights in predictable time frames

Poultry Feed

With industry proven formulas, we produce feed for broilers, layers and brooders at different stages of their cycles. We keep our batches moderately sized as opposed to mass produced feed. We are also able to produce feed using our customer formulas should the need arise.

Castor Oil

Our outgrower program in Niger using high oil content hybrid seeds supplies our mill where we shell, press, neutralize and bleach the oil to industry standards.


We use prime brood stock to produce catfish fingerlings and juveniles from our state of the art hatchery. Our vats are always stockd and we also produce on demand – up to 1,000,000.


Fingerlings per Month Capacity


Hectares of Castor seed outgrowing


DOC per Week Capacity


Years of Experience

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